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Statement from Michael Breen on the Extension of the Iran Negotiations

A statement from Truman Project Executive Director Michael Breen following news that the Iran negotiations will be extended.

The Diplomat: The Russia-US Melee: Cold War Redux in Space?

In this piece for The Diplomat, Truman Project Fellow Melissa S. Hersh and co-writer Dr. Ajey Lele explore a familiar Cold War narrative in light of recent tensions between Russia and the United States. Building on the popularity of the 1975 Hollywood blockbuster and cult classic Jaws, a sequel was put out in 1978. For […]

A muscular State Department makes us safe and strong

In response to prepared remarks delivered by Secretary of State John Kerry at the House Appropriations Subcommittee on State and Foreign Operations today, Truman Project and CNP Vice President of Strategic Communications Dave Solimini released the following statement. “We face tremendous foreign policy and national security challenges worldwide from helping countries manage peaceful, democratic transitions […]

USA Today: Iran deal ‘an important first step’

Truman National Security Project’s Vice President of Strategic Communications weighs in on the impact and future of the United States’ sanctions on Iran. WASHINGTON — President Obama said Saturday that an interim agreement on Iran’s nuclear program is “an important first step” and again vowed to prevent Tehran from obtaining the means to make nuclear […]

How to save Iraq

Iraq’s democracy is on the verge of collapse. Violence is engulfing the country as fighting rages in neighboring Syria. As President Obama prepares to host Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki’s this week in Washington, it is a crucial moment for the U.S. to change course with its Iraq policy. As is, the U.S. is only […]

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