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Politico Morning Energy: 5/23

The Truman Project is featured in a roundup of the days energy news SENATE NDAA INCLUDES GREEN PROVISIONS: The Senate Armed Services Committee yesterday wrapped up its markup of the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act, and green energy advocates are applauding several provisions they say bring tactical advantages as well as environmental bonuses. The bill […]

A 21st Century Military, Using 21st Century Energy Technology

Despite perceptions to the contrary, policies that reduce our single-source dependence on petroleum and combat climate change are not pet projects of ultra-liberals or “green zealots” in Washington, D.C.: they are the official positions of the United States military. As a former Army captain and a veteran of Iraq & Afghanistan, I’ve seen firsthand how […]

Biofuels Are Critical To National Security — So Why Are They Under Attack?

It wouldn’t be summer in Washington, D.C. without another round of erroneous and flagrant attacks on the military’s biofuels program. This is an argument we have heard over and over again: biofuels cost too much, weaken national security, and limit mission capability. As a former Navy Lieutenant Commander and Marine Corps Battalion Surgeon, I have […]

Federal News Radio: DoD analyst recommends dropping QDR

Truman National Security Project senior fellow, Doug Wilson, discusses the Quadrennial Defense Review on Federal News Radio. Click here to listen to entire interview.

FIST: Beating the Innovators’ Dilemma; Faster, Better Weapons Buying

Clayton Christen, a Harvard business school professor, wrote The Innovators’ Dilemma to describe how disruptive innovation can undermine successful companies. First, market leaders dismiss disruptors, because the little guy can’t possibly threaten them. Then, they pay some attention, but they can’t change old habits and standard operating procedures fast enough. Then, the disruptive start-ups put them out […]

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