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Pearl Harbor, Petroleum, and the Pacific Pivot

62 years ago last week, in 1941, the Imperial Empire of Japan launched one of the most deadly strikes in U.S. history.  By the end of the day, the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Fleet was nearly crippled—and 2,335 American servicemembers were dead. Yet, while the impact of the attack on Pearl Harbor still ripples through our […]

OC Register: Vet’s work brings White House honor

Truman Defense Council Member and Operation Free Member Andrea Marr has been honored as a White House Champion of Change. Here she discusses her inspiration and motivations in fighting for clean renewable energy. Makeshift solar panels made from glass tubes and primitive reflectors lined the rooftop of the house Andrea Marr’s grandparents lived in. Growing […]

Truth Out: On the News With Thom Hartmann

Operation Free Ohio Director Zach Roberts is quoted discussing the ALEC Bill and Senator Bill Seitz. In Ohio, the American Legislative Exchange Council is pushing a bill to weaken renewable energy standards. But, local veterans are pushing right back. A group called Operation Free, which is made up of veterans, military families, and national security […]

The Battle for FERC and the Future of Energy Security

Ron Binz, the once leading nominee to be the next Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, announced Monday evening that he had formally withdrawn his name from future consideration for the post. To be sure, Binz is a highly qualified candidate who has spent his entire career working on energy regulatory issues, and he […]

Energy Trends Insider: The Battle for FERC and the Future of Energy Security

Truman Project Partner Zach Roberts, Partner Jack Schmitt, and Fellow Jonathon Gensler write about the FERC and the once-leading nominee for FERC Chair, Ron Binz. Providing American consumers with reliable, efficient and sustainable energy services – all at an affordable cost — will require skilled leadership and innovative solutions-based thinking – skills that Ron Binz […]

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