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E&E News: Senators to examine conflicts with energy, climate links

Truman Project Director Michael Breen is quoted on the importance of energy security for the United States. “I think it’s a pretty good time for this if you look around at any number of conflicts or looming conflicts around the world,” said Mike Breen, executive director of the Truman National Security Project, who is scheduled […]

NRDC Action Fund: “Denge”

Truman Project Partner Melissa Hersh wrote about some of the challenges Turkey faces with energy security and efficiency. Energy security is on the back burner in Turkey, but the government is creating a comprehensive security plan to try and address this issue. In a land where East meets West and old meets new, Turkey feels […]

What Vladmir Putin Doesn’t Want You to Know about Russia

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain—Russia’s flexing behavior is a flimsy façade to cover for economic feebleness A troubling sentiment appears to have taken hold in many corners of Europe in response to Russia’s aggression. While the transatlantic community scrambles to coordinate its response to the ongoing crisis, an unfortunate atmosphere of […]

Word Choice: It Matters For California & America’s Energy Security

It’s amazing the damage that one word can do. Last week, the California State Assembly unanimously passed a measure to clarify a legal term standing between California’s military bases and our Nation’s energy security goals. AB 2649, by Assembly Member Kevin Mullin (D-San Mateo), will enable California’s military bases to take advantage of available advanced energy […]

Environmental Defense Fund: Transition to Clean Energy Will Make the U.S. Military More Efficient, Effective and Safe

The Truman Project is mentioned as a sponsor of the film “the Burden” in an article about how clean energy will benefit the United States military. All of these consequences pose a huge national security threat to our military overseas, a reality that’s exposed in the new film, “The Burden: Free America of Fossil Fuel […]

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