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Losing the Columbia River Treaty would kill the golden goose

Much of the prosperity and commerce now enjoyed by the Pacific Northwest and California is largely attributed to the men of action who, more than five decades ago, ratified the Columbia River Treaty. After 16 years of negotiation, this agreement between Canada and the United States guided the cooperative development and operation of the Columbia […]

Bloomberg: Segment on Keystone and Obama’s Energy Policy

The Center for National Policy’s Fellow Carter Page discusses President Obama’s policy on energy, including oil and alternative energy Click here to listen to the interview

Truman Doctrine Hits 300: The Top 10 Most Popular Pieces

What are the top-10 most popular posts in Doctrine history? See what made the cut!

The Political Prospects of an Open Fuel Standard in Obama’s Second Term

At the beginning of President Obama’s first term, there was reason to believe that an Open Fuel Standard (OFS) could pass within four years. It did not, and now the OFS faces a different political climate as his second term commences. In some ways, this new climate is more conducive to OFS passage, but in […]

Will the U.S. Enjoy “A Brighter Energy Outlook”?

The National Intelligence Council’s newly released Global Trends 2030 report is an important read for anybody interested in the rapidly evolving national-security environment. One part of the report sure to be significant for those concerned about the U.S.’s addiction to oil (something that President Bush proclaimed in 2006) is a section entitled “A Brighter Energy […]

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