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After Crimea, a New Reality

I just returned from a trip to Latvia and Germany, where fears about the future of peace and stability in Europe are almost palpable. Whether visiting the former KGB headquarters in Riga, or the museum on the site of Gestapo headquarters in Berlin, the message is clear: the world cannot afford the resurrection of either communism, […]

Forbes: How Brazil and the EU Are Breaking the Internet

Truman Project Fellow Eli Sugarman explains flaws in new privacy laws in Brazil and the EU and how they could fundamentally change how the internet works. The Internet is a global and borderless network with nearly 3 billion users, but individual governments are undermining the Net’s foundation by extending the reach of their local laws to […]

Yahoo Japan: Draft “Code of Conduct” for Outer Space the EU proposed

Truman Project Fellow Melissa Hersh comments on the European Union’s discussion of regulating conduct in space. Read the full article (Note: Article is in Japanese)

Wall Street Journal Radio: Situation in Crimea 3/25

Truman Project Fellow Job Henning explains the intricacies of the Russian intervention in Crimea. Listen to the full clip.

Fox CT: Crimea and Malaysia Flight 370

Center for National Policy President Scott Bates explains the effect that conflict in Crimea has on Connecticut as well as possible reasons for the loss of Flight 370. Watch the full clip.

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