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Afghanistan’s Untold Success Story

Managing Afghanistan’s nascent industrial base will be critical as the nation attempts to build a modern economy that is increasingly less dependent on foreign aid. Today, there is great room for optimism as Afghanistan moves toward the post-transition period. Despite having a GDP that was made up almost entirely of outside aid in 2011 and […]

Domestic spying ‘inconsistent with the values of this country’

Truman National Security Project Fellow Chris Finan answers Washington Post’s Timothy B. Lee’s questions regarding the ethics of NSA spying.  You’re skeptical about the NSA’s large role in domestic cybersecurity and surveillance activities. Why is that? One of the themes of the 2012 cybersecurity debate was thinking about how to leverage the technical crown jewels […]

The Future of American Diplomacy

Globalization has been changing U.S. foreign policy since the beginning of the American Republic. From our first diplomatic post in Tangier, Morocco founded in 1777, to the more than 285 diplomatic facilities around the world today operated by the U.S. Department of State, the business of diplomacy has evolved over time. While it is obvious […]

China’s Great Infrastructure Binge, in Charts

China leads the world in infrastructure investment. New roads, new railroads, new skyscrapers, even whole new cities seem to spring into existence every day leave little doubt that investment has been ambitious. But has it been wise? This infographic and the statement that preceds it, were created by Youyou Zhou for CNPolitics and translated here […]

The Corruption Connection

What do the conviction of an activist in Russia, bribed building inspectors in Bangladesh, the Arab revolutions, and the unraveling of Afghanistan have in common? Corruption – a failure that crosses state boundaries and wreaks havoc on economic growth, human opportunity, and security. Sadly, while American politicians give lip service to the scourge of corruption, […]

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