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Afghanistan Needs an Army Corps of Engineers

Why did the United States pay to raise an Afghan National Army but fail to institute an Afghan Army Corps of Engineers? It seems that we built a capacity to fight, but did not fight to create a capacity to build. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) provided the facilities and infrastructure that the […]

China’s Great Infrastructure Binge, in Charts

China leads the world in infrastructure investment. New roads, new railroads, new skyscrapers, even whole new cities seem to spring into existence every day leave little doubt that investment has been ambitious. But has it been wise? This infographic and the statement that preceds it, were created by Youyou Zhou for CNPolitics and translated here […]

What is an Act of Cyber War?

We need new rules of engagement in cyberconflict. And they must be flexible enough to allow the military to conduct specific — yet limited — cyber-operations without presidential authorization. Requiring the president to approve all cyber-offensive operations is an antiquated framework that made sense when cyberthreats were less sophisticated. Times have changed. What we need […]

President Takes Aim at Cybersecurity Through Executive Order

Just a few hours before the State of the Union address, President Obama signed an executive order authorizing new policies to protect U.S. critical infrastructure cybersecurity. Following several failed attempts by Congress to legislation in this area, the president addressed the important issue of “repeated intrusions into critical infrastructure.” During the past few years, we […]

The Senate Cybersecurity Bill: A Start, But Not an Answer

It has become a depressing but now familiar pattern: in the space of a week, reports surfaced both that LinkedIn’s mobile app scraped information from users’ mobile devices and stored it on LinkedIn’s servers—without informing it’s users of the practice—and that LinkedIn user passwords had been broken and stolen by hackers since LinkedIn had only […]

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