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Al Jazeera America: Turkey’s Youtube Shutdown

Truman National Security Project Fellow Ari Ratner explains how Turkey’s shutdown of prominent social media sites affects Prime Minister Erdoğan Watch the full clip.

Politico Magazine: No, the U.S. Isn’t ‘Giving Up Control’ of the Internet

In a recent article to Politico Magazine, Truman Fellow Katherine Maher explains how the US Dept. of Commerce decision to globalize part of it’s oversight of the Internet to the global community is actually designed to protect the freedom of the Internet. On a sleepy Friday afternoon last week, the U.S. Department of Commerce dropped what […]

CBS Minnesota: News and Views 1pm Hour

Truman National Security Project Fellow Katherine Maher discusses net neutrality in regards to security and internet privacy. Click here to listen to the full interview

Quartz: It’s time for Brazil to back a free, open, and business-friendly internet

Truman National Security Project Fellow Eli Sugarman discusses Brazil and its lack of internet freedom. According to a recent report, Brazil holds the dubious distinction of having witnessed the second largest decline in internet freedom of any country in 2013. This is a direct result of its schizophrenic internet policies that must be changed. Rather than breathing new […]

CSPAN: The Internet as a Diplomatic Tool

Truman Project fellow Christopher Finan discusses the use of the internet as a diplomatic tool and how free expression and exchange of ideas influences international security issues. Click here to see entire video.