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Statement from Michael Breen on the Extension of the Iran Negotiations

A statement from Truman Project Executive Director Michael Breen following news that the Iran negotiations will be extended.

It’s October 3rd, So Let Mean Girls Explain the Iran Negotiations

In November 2013, the United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia, China, and Germany (P5+1) started negotiations with Iran over the Iranian nuclear program – a program that many feared could be used to secretly develop nuclear weapons. Under the “interim agreement” that began last November, all parties agreed to a six month window for negotiations […]

Everything You Need to Know About the 2014 UN General Assembly

It has been called “diplomatic speed dating,” and for all of the bilateral talks taking place between world leaders in New York City this week outside the newly renovated UN Assembly Hall, the image is not far off. This will be one of the most closely watched UN General Assembly (UNGA) meetings in recent history. […]

Foreign Policy Association: Managing Iran’s nuclear prowess

Truman Project Fellow Christian H. Cooper lays out what elements should be in a final deal with Iran regarding it’s nuclear program. In the 1950s, Binyamin Blumberg took over a small group within the Israeli Defense Ministry, renamed the group the Science Liaison Bureau (LAKAM), and proceeded to build the first secret Israeli nuclear facility […]

Talking Points Memo: No, Obama Isn’t Our New Chamberlain

Truman Project Partner Jason Stanford explains why comparisons between President Obama and former British PM Neville Chamberlain are inaccurate because the President is not appeasing Iran, but is in fact negotiating an important agreement. There was a time that keeping Iran from getting a nuclear bomb would have been considered a worthy goal, even a […]

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