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Foreign Policy Association: Rethinking Kurdistan

Truman Project Defense Council member Adam Tiffen wrote about the possible fate of the Kurds with the current turmoil in Iraq with ISIL. He advocates for a creation of an independent Kurdish state so that they may work, pursue education, own property, and live without the threat of persecution. The recent announcement of the founding […]

Talking Points Memo: A Way For Iraq To Emerge From A Bloody Stalemate

Truman Project Executive Director Michael Breen wrote about the current situation in Iraq and the horrors it presents to the civilian population. He offers two possible shifts that need to occur to improve the situation: a break between Sunni tribal leaders and ISIL and reconciliation between Sunni leaders and Baghdad. During my time in Iraq […]

Dictators or Extremists: A False Choice in the Middle East

The recent battlefield gains of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and President Obama’s decision to send hundreds of American military advisors to Iraq have sparked debates in the United States about what interest the U.S. truly has in helping the government in Baghdad confront brutal Islamist extremists. Add to this the fierce […]

Huffington Post: Iraq: Learning From Yesterday and Planning for Tomorrow

Truman Project Fellow Nathan Gonzalez explains four lessons from history that need to be observed when taking action against ISIL. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), a Sunni Muslim organization deemed too radical even for al-Qaeda, is currently advancing toward Baghdad. This should not have come as a surprise, given Iraq’s fractured […]

CCTV America: Cole Bockenfeld talks about current crisis in Iraq

Truman Project Partner Cole Bockenfeld spoke on CCTV America about the importance of a new government in Iraq and what the implications of that could be. He believes that inside pressure in Iraq will be the deciding factor on what happens during the Parliament session on July 1st. Watch the entire segment.

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