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Trifles and Treasures: Why Mali Matters: Center for National Policy

Blogger and international education professional discusses the Why Mali Matters event at CNP. A year ago today, I wrote about the surprise engagement party Cassie & Laura threw for Abdoulaye and me.  Today, Cassie and I attended a panel presentation hosted by the Center for National Policy and the Truman National Security Project on Why Mali Matters: Economics, Extremism, and […]

Where Climate Change and National Security Intersect

Droughts, floods, hurricanes, and wildfires are all examples of the effects of climate change, with consequences that stretch far beyond the borders of any one country. Now, the prospects of dealing with threats posed by extreme climate events are generating new implications for our national security. Climate change is emerging as a focal point for […]

Cleared Jobs: The week ahead: Why Mali Matters

Cleared Jobs promotes this week’s CNP event on economics and extremism in Mali. In January 2013, North Africa took center stage as French military forces intervened against Islamist extremists in Mali. Later in the month a BP gas facility in Algeria was the site of a deadly hostage crisis. In the aftermath of the hostage […]

Slate: Could Climate Change Be Al-Qaida’s Best Friend in Africa?

Truman Project Fellow Lionel Beehner is featured in this Slate piece on the possible relationship between climate change and conflict. French troops are currently planning a swift exit from Mali, but the local government’s battle with Islamist insurgents rages on. Meanwhile, the international community continues to ask itself what went wrong in a country once seen as […]

HuffPost Live: Mali: What’ll U.S. Do?

Truman Senior Advisor Mark Jacobson discusses the increasing role of the United States in the Mali conflict. Watch the segment here.