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Muftah: Turkey: The Middle Child of the Middle East

In a recent op-ed published in Muftah, Truman Fellow Laurie Watkins discusses troubling domestic trends in Turkey as well as how said trends affect Turkey’s international standing. At the gateway of the Middle East, Turkey today finds itself caught between its NATO responsibilities, multiple challenges to its regional hegemony, and its own internal struggles. These […]

Al Jazeera America: Turkey’s Youtube Shutdown

Truman National Security Project Fellow Ari Ratner explains how Turkey’s shutdown of prominent social media sites affects Prime Minister Erdoğan Watch the full clip.

The Atlantic: Murder on the Roof of the Board

Truman National Security Project Fellow Ziad Haider writes about his travels along the China-Pakistan border. On June 22, 2013, murder occurred on the “roof of the world.” Ten mountaineers were killed at the foot of Nanga Parbat—the world’s ninth-tallest peak, located in Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan region on the border with China where some of the world’s tallest mountain […]

Iraqi, Afghan dissidents need special U.S. visas

Soon, Congress will decide whether Iraqis and Afghans who risked their lives supporting U.S. troops—and are now under threat for their service—will continue to be able to find safety in the United States. The Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) programs, providing life-saving visas to our Iraqi and Afghan allies, may be extended past their imminent sunset […]

As the ‘Arab Spring’ falters in Egypt, mechanisms to support democracy are more critical than ever

Egypt, a powerhouse of the Middle East and a long-time US ally under Mubarak’s rule, has served as a potent example of both the promise and peril of the so-called “Arab Spring.” Few in the West could fail to appreciate the courage and dedication of millions of Egyptians – many of them of a younger […]

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