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Iraq: Maliki’s resignation is not the silver bullet

The recent announcement that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki will resign to pave the way for Haider al-Abadi to take over the premiership has led some U.S. policymakers and analysts to proclaim that this event marks the beginning of a process that will eventually lead to the defeat of ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and […]

Al Jazeera America: Regime Re-Change

Truman Project Defense Council member Michael Quigley discusses the calls for Prime Minister al-Malaki to resign in response to the ISIL attacks in Iraq. Watch the full interview.

The Hill: Leaders must watch their words on military sexual assault

Truman Project Butch Bucknell discusses sexual assault in the military and how civilian leaders should talk about it appropriately. The appeals court for the Navy and Marine Corps recently threw out the conviction of a Marine staff sergeant for sexual assault on the basis of unlawful command influence (UCI) from the commandant of the Marine Corps. This […]

Word Choice: It Matters For California & America’s Energy Security

It’s amazing the damage that one word can do. Last week, the California State Assembly unanimously passed a measure to clarify a legal term standing between California’s military bases and our Nation’s energy security goals. AB 2649, by Assembly Member Kevin Mullin (D-San Mateo), will enable California’s military bases to take advantage of available advanced energy […]

Huffington Post: Beyond Politics — Bringing Home Sergeant Bergdahl

Truman Project Fellow Justin Constantine discusses why he thinks that getting Sergeant Bergdahl back was necessary. That premise resides at the core of our military beliefs, and we are all entitled to it, even Sergeant Bergdahl. Are the circumstances surrounding his capture troubling and unusual? Certainly. But since when do we not believe in the […]

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