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The National Memo: From ‘Grand Old’ To ‘Shameless New’ — Trading National Security For Political Gain

Truman Project Fellow Mark Jacobson discusses shifting values in American national security. One would think that on the weekend of the 70th anniversary of the invasion of Normandy – a day on which almost 10,000 fathers, brothers, and sons of our greatest generation were killed as they began the liberation of Europe – the Republican political […]

San Francisco Gate: National security hinges on sound energy policies

Truman Executive Director Mike Breen recently wrote an article, which appeared in the San Francisco Gate, discussing the importance of utilizing renewable energy in the military. Like many veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, I learned the hard lessons of energy security on the battlefield. Our military is the largest consumer of energy in the world, […]

The Washington Examiner: Pentagon warns of climate change ‘threat multipliers’

In an article that appeared in the Washington Examiner, Truman Project Executive Director Mike Breen discusses how climate change is a threat multiplier and how it contributes to national security threats. The Truman National Security Project, an advocacy group that aims to end oil dependence, said the Quadrennial Defense Review hit on the risks presented […]

The Day: Russia sees Arctic promise, so must U.S.

CNP Fellow Glenn Sulmasy explains the strategic importance of the Arctic to the United States, and why the US should be paying closer attention to the region. The Arctic remains an overlooked foreign policy priority and missed national security opportunity. While typically labeled as a challenge, the Arctic should be viewed as a strategic opportunity […]

We All Must Work Together

Al Qaeda might not be the first organization that comes to mind when thinking about how Atlanta was effectively paralyzed by two inches of snow, but it’s hard to imagine that group and other extremist terrorists across the political spectrum failing to notice our impotence in the face of adversity. This was no Katrina or […]

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