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Hits and Misses at the NATO Summit in Wales

At the end of last week, 4,000 delegates and leaders from 28 NATO member states departed from a sleepy town in Wales, concluding a summit deemed “the most consequential” in the Alliance’s history and a “generational leadership test” for the likes of Germany’s Angela Merkel, Britain’s David Cameron and U.S. President Barack Obama. And of […]

NATO and Russia: Playing Chicken in Eastern Europe

Between Russian military adventurism in Ukraine and the upcoming summit, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is back in the international spotlight. NATO’s successful expansion into Russia’s old stomping grounds over the past half-century has in part motivated Russian aggression, and with Putin ratcheting up his posturing and interfering in Ukraine, the member states of […]

After Crimea, a New Reality

I just returned from a trip to Latvia and Germany, where fears about the future of peace and stability in Europe are almost palpable. Whether visiting the former KGB headquarters in Riga, or the museum on the site of Gestapo headquarters in Berlin, the message is clear: the world cannot afford the resurrection of either communism, […]

At Cardiff, NATO Leaders Must Stop Seeking Excuses and Lead

When NATO leaders meet for their biannual summit in Cardiff this September, it will be at a crucial moment for Europe and NATO. Over the past several years, the continent has seen a crescendo of crises, including political, economic, and now military. With the resurgence of Russia’s aggressive expansionism, Europe now faces what amounts to […]

Don’t Take Force Off the Table in Ukraine

On the heels of Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea in March, the situation in Ukraine is rapidly headed in the wrong direction. This past weekend, violence spiked in eastern Ukraine as disguised Russian (or Russian-backed) troops killed a Ukrainian security service member. They then attacked buildings, and a Russian fighter jet harassed the USS Donald […]

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