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The World Post: Yellowcake and Eat It Too: Why An Extension of Nuclear Talks with Iran Is Good for America

Truman Project Fellow Nathan Gonzalez wrote about the victory of either a deal or extension, which is the most realistic of the two, of nuclear talks with Iran. He wrote that a diplomatic solution “will not only bring stability and security for us and our allies, but it could prove the beginning of broader efforts […]

Achieving a Nuclear Weapon-Free World in a Post-Cold War Era

Every day, people suffer and die from starvation.  Every day, children develop asthma from the contamination of coal-fired power plants.  Every day, women are subject to unspeakable violence.  It has been nearly seventy years since a nuclear weapon was used to wage warfare on a population.  Why, in the face of all these other daily […]

CCTV: Joseph Costa on Nuclear Security Summit

Truman Project Fellow Joseph Costa discusses the major points for the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit in the Hague. Watch the full video.

Al Jazeera America: Nuclear Summit: World Powers to Meet

Joe Costa, Truman Project Fellow, joins Al Jazeera America to discuss what to expect from this year’s nuclear summit in the Hague. Watch the full clip.

Limited Rights: A Nuclear Iran is Key to Any Long-Term Deal

In the summer of 1953, James Lockridge slipped across the Iranian border with a tennis racket, a fake passport, and lots of cash. The tennis racket was part of his cover: Once in Iran, he played for hours on the courts of the Turkish embassy, where he had the easiest access to British intelligence officers […]

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