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Missoulian: Daines hiding in foxhole over climate change

Truman Security Fellow Andrew Person talks about the importance of bold action on climate change, featuring Truman Executive Director Mike Breen. This piece is about one issue, and how two leaders have responded to it. The scientific consensus, with 97 percent of climate scientists in agreement, is that our planet is heating up to dangerous […]

Fayetteville Observer: Chris Rey: Climate change goes to war

Chris Rey, mayor of Spring Lake and a partner in the Truman National Security Project discusses the future of climate change and what we can do to prepare our local communities for ever-stronger storms. Today, a consensus of national security and military leaders recognize climate change as a threat to our national security. As the Department […]

Fort Bragg Patch: Renewable Energy and Local Economy to Be Discussed at Fayetteville Town Hall Meeting Tuesday

Operation Free and the town hall-style meeting on Tuesday, June 18th, in Fayetteville, NC, featuring key speakers in the field of energy security are referenced. Military leaders, veterans and other leaders of the Fayetteville community will hold a town hall-style meeting on Tuesday, June 18, to discuss the threat climate change poses to our national […]

Arizona Horizon: National Guard Sustainability

Operation Free supporter Lt. Col. Joe Knott (ret.) discusses the National Guard’s efforts to go green and sustainability in the military. Click here to watch the entire interview.

CleanTechnica: SEI Offers Full Scholarship for Solar Jobs Certification Course

The Truman National Security Project’s role in the military clean energy project is discussed in this article from CleanTechnica. CleanTechnica has been tracking the growing disconnect between the continued fossil fuel dependency advocated by certain members of Congress (round up the usual suspects), and the sustainable energy policies that the Department of Defense has been pursuing […]

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