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The Atlantic: The Three Men Who Could Save Israel’s Center-Left

Writing for The Atlantic, Truman Fellow Zvika Krieger profiles three progressive Israeli defense experts who may challenge President Netanyahu in the coming years. In the lead-up to the 2009 Israeli elections, I mused to a high-ranking Israeli official that Israel seemed to be picking from the same pool of over-the-hill recycled politicians, and perhaps what […]

GOOD: Why the Hate for Hagel?

Truman President Rachel Kleinfeld discusses the criticism that Chuck Hagel has received as nominee for Secretary of Defense. The pundits are reading the tea leaves and the critics sharpening their knives. What would Chuck Hagel be like, really, as Secretary of Defense? If you want to understand how the SecDef-apparent thinks, however, it’s hard to […]

Exit the Strategists, Enter the Hacks

I recently moderated a panel discussion that investigated whether our domestic political polarization leads to poor policy, particularly in the national security realm.  The general consensus was that, polarization was hurting out interests, and yes, consensus between parties and between branches of government was required in order to have effective policies, let alone develop a […]