Truman National Security Project

Scott Bates

Fox CT: Crimea and Malaysia Flight 370

Center for National Policy President Scott Bates explains the effect that conflict in Crimea has on Connecticut as well as possible reasons for the loss of Flight 370. Watch the full clip.

WTIC-AM: Segment on the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict

In a segment with Connecticut’s WTIC, CNP President Scott Bates discusses the motivations behind Russia’s recent actions in Ukraine as well as potential American responses that could deter further Russian aggression. Listen to the full clip.

Jeff Santos Show: 2/24/14

Center for National Policy President Scott Bates explains the situation in Ukraine, and some of the global ramifications. Listen to the interview.

Rudaw: Is Hamid Karazai Afghanistan’s Nuri Maliki?

Scott Bates, President of the Center for National Policy and Senior Advisor at the Truman National Security Project, discusses the future of Afghanistan in this interview with Rudaw. Throughout the interview, Scott Bates discusses the recent political actions taken by Hamid Karazai, examining what they mean to the stability of Afghanistan in the years to […]

US handling of the Syrian Crisis: What Will Our Legacy Be?

There has been, over the past quarter century, a certain script that the prelude to America’s use of force has adhered to. There is identification of the crisis situation; a call for support from the “international community”; gestures of support from allies; and a speech from the Oval Office announcing the actions that have been […]

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