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The Complicated U.S. Relationship with Venezuela

Over a year since Hugo Chavez’s death, instability in Venezuela has worsened and relations with the United States remain tumultuous. Indeed, if not for the ongoing situation in the Ukraine, the crisis in this oil-rich nation of approximately 29 million might be more prominently covered in the media. Since the former socialist president Chavez lost […]

The U.S. and Tunisia: Closer Ties for Greater Security

American relations with Tunisia may not get much media attention compared to relations with other Middle Eastern and North African countries. However, Tunisians have recently taken crucial steps in the direction of democratic stability, and there are related policies the U.S. can employ to help the Tunisian people make their country more peaceful and more […]

Confronting Iran: Breaking Free of Oil Helps

The crippling sanctions the international community has imposed on Iran for several years are having their intended effect: Iran’s leaders have been forced to accept a deal which limits their capability to enrich uranium in exchange for some economic relief. As difficult as reaching a final deal on the Iranian nuclear program will be for  […]

The Gray List : Turkey’s Financing of Terrorism

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) recently gathered in Paris, France on February 14th for a plenary session to analyze the efforts of its 36 member countries and of another 180 jurisdictions around the world in combating the financing of terrorism. In this last session, particular scrutiny was placed on the member country of Turkey, which […]

Needed – New Business Models, Not Just Tech, to Solve Unrest

More than 150 polling centers burned last weekend during Bangladeshi elections. Refugees are pouring in to the U.N. compound in South Sudan, desperate to escape the collapse of the world’s newest country, birthed with fanfare just two years ago. Fallujah is again running with blood as the Iraqi government works to oust insurgents who resettled after Americans […]

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