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ABC 7: The role of U.N. Peacekeepers

Truman Co-Founder Rachel Kleinfeld explains the rules for UN Peacekeepers, and why she thinks they should be allowed to use force to protect civilians. Watch the full clip.

Politico: Influence 4/17/14

The Truman Project and the Center for National Policy advertise a subletting opportunity in their old office. TRUMAN MOVES, LOOKING FOR SUBLESSEE: One consequence of the Truman National Security Project and Center for National Policy merger and growth is that they’ve outgrown their office space. They’ve decamped from their Capitol Hill office space for new digs at 12th and I […]

The Corporate Responsibility Newswire: The Truman National Security Project: Creating a New Generation of Leaders through Purpose

The Truman National Security Project is featured in an article about its values. Founder Rachel Kleinfeld gives advice on finding meaning in your career. Choosing the right candidates who share your company’s values and mission requires investment and commitment. Apply that same commitment to searching for our country’s future leaders, and you have the Truman National […]

CCTV: Joseph Costa on Nuclear Security Summit

Truman Project Fellow Joseph Costa discusses the major points for the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit in the Hague. Watch the full video.

E&E News: Military brass to discuss national security implications with lawmakers

John Gensler, a Truman Project Fellow, and Stephanie Dreyer, Truman Project Media Relations Director, comment on veterans going to Capitol Hill for the Bicameral Task Force on Climate Change. Excerpt: Stephanie Dreyer, spokeswoman for the Truman National Security Project, said the former military leaders will “describe their firsthand experience with the national security threats posed by […]

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