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Pres. Obama, Sec. Kerry Host Truman Project Veterans to Talk Iran Deal at White House

WASHINGTON, D.C. — This morning, military veterans who are members of the Truman National Security Project joined President Obama and Secretary Kerry for a small-group meeting at the White House to discuss the Iran deal. Truman recently released a nationwide television ad, “Learn,” featuring Iraq War veterans urging Congress to support the deal. One of the […]

Veterans Platform

2014 Truman Veterans Platform

Real Clear Sports: A Modest First-Pitch Proposal for MLB

Truman Project Defense Council member Butch Bracknell discusses how Major League Baseball honors veterans and why they and other heroes should throw first pitches at baseball games, instead of just picking celebrities. Dear Commissioner Selig, The San Diego Padres honoured Medal of Honor recipient Kyle Carpenter by asking him to throw out the first pitch […]

Time for a “Surge” at VA

Earlier today, General Eric Shinseki apologized to veterans and their families for the deep and systemic problems at the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Then, in line with his unimpeachable character and integrity both in and out of uniform, Shinseki tendered his resignation to President Obama. While unfortunate, the President’s acceptance of Shinseki’s resignation effectively deals […]

MSNBC: All In With Chris Hayes: Now What?

Truman Project Defense Council Member Kristen Rouse discusses the resignation of Secretary Shinseki and the state of the VA Watch the full clip.

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