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Foreign Policy: The New York Times Op-Ed Page Owes Veterans a Large and Immediate Apology

Truman National Security Project Defense Council Member Captain Jesse Sloman explains why a recent New York Times op-ed alleging that veterans are significant contributors to white hate groups is incorrect and offensive to veterans. Kathleen Belew’s New York Times op-ed “Veterans and White Supremacy” has generated a fierce response for its attempt to connect military service with membership in […]

Ian Masters Show: Kayla Williams

Truman Project Fellow Kayla Williams discusses the Fort Hood shooting, the effects of PTSD on families and the relation between violence and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Listen to the full interview

Al Jazeera: Shooting at Fort Hood

In an interview with Al Jazeera America Glenn Sulmasy, a Fellow at the Center for National Policy, discusses the shooter at Fort Hood and the military’s response towards veterans returning after combat. Watch the full clip.

E&E News: Military brass to discuss national security implications with lawmakers

John Gensler, a Truman Project Fellow, and Stephanie Dreyer, Truman Project Media Relations Director, comment on veterans going to Capitol Hill for the Bicameral Task Force on Climate Change. Excerpt: Stephanie Dreyer, spokeswoman for the Truman National Security Project, said the former military leaders will “describe their firsthand experience with the national security threats posed by […]

The Daily Aztec: Instructor Declares War on Waste

Operation Free member Elizabeth Perez-Halperin discusses the importance of energy efficiency both in the world and in battle in an article on the Daily Aztec. Elizabeth Perez-Halperin is both a veteran environmentalist and an environmentalist veteran. In November, Perez-Halperin was one of 12 veteran “Champions of Change” recognized at The White House by U.S. Secretary of […]

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